MT, XT, AT. Which One Is The Best?

Tires are the most basic as well as important modification you can do in your off-road vehicle. When you think about them, they are the only contact you have with the road. To a beginner, Mud-Terrain Tires (MT), Hybrid Tires (XT), and All-Terrain Tires (AT) might look the same, but the smallest details make the biggest difference and completely set them apart. 

A tire that works on a heavy 4×4 or large truck is different than the tire used on streets or passenger cars. There are other tires too that are more versatile, such as Milestar Patagonia ATR and Versatyre TRX 6000, and can be used on a wide range of vehicles. 

Now, how do we know what tires are the perfect fit for our vehicles? Do we need a best mud tire, a hybrid tire, or an all-terrain tire? There is a whole list of tire categories out there. We know it could be difficult for you to shortlist from the vast variety, so we are going to discuss just three categories of tires: 

  1. Mud Tires 
  2. All-Terrain 
  3. Hybrid Tires 

Mud Tires (MT)

Before moving forward to make a purchase, it is important to consider what you are actually looking for in your vehicle. For that, you need to consider a few things that include the type of commuting, seasons, and weather. Having a clear idea of what type of ride you will be taking can help you purchase the right tire. After considering all these aspects, you will be able to determine the ideal fit for your vehicle. 

If you want tires for off-roading purposes, you should get your hands on some of the best mud tires. They are best for the most uneven and rough terrains such as mud pools, heavy snowfall, and sand. Though nothing can beat their performance on off-road terrains, they are not considered ideal for on-road travel. They can be noisy, and tires can degrade faster. 

Are Mud Tires Good for Going to Extreme Conditions? 

With mud tires, you can often go to more intense and bumpy tread as these tires are designed to grip the dirt and mud-filled terrains. 

If you are looking for something dramatic to conquer rocky, steep, and dirt-filled surfaces, these tires are your best choice. Mud tires provide enhanced traction during off-roading and extreme conditions. These tires are designed to give steadiness, and sturdiness during the toughest adventures. 

All-Terrain Tires (AT) 

If you want a tire that gives great on-road performance and can also perform decently on different trails, all-terrain tires are what you need. These tires let you do a little bit of everything from charging through gravel trails to going for daily commuting. All-terrains are the right choice. 

If you have a set of all-terrains, you might think every other tire is just an option. Though these tires are not as good as Hybrid or Mud Tires, they still offer pretty decent rides and performance. With all-terrain tires, you will not see huge tread voids like mud tires. In addition to this, you will have more tread lugs that help in reducing the noise, especially on roads. 

Some Amazing Features of All-Terrain Tires 

Below are some worth reading features of all-terrain tires

Around The Year Operability 

As all-terrain is used for all purposes, they also offer extraordinary grip on snowy and icy areas. If these tires are providing good regular performance, you do not have to change from summer tires to winter tires. On the other hand, winter tires do have a lead over all-terrains during harsher winters.

Open Tread Pattern 

All-terrains have an open tread design that offers better grip on off-road surfaces. Several interconnecting tread elements give a good grip on rocks and other uneven terrains. 

Hybrid Tires (XT) 

Hybrid Tires, commonly also known as crossover tires consist of bigger tread voids as compared to all-terrains. These tires also have quite aggressive side biters. In other words, these are the perfect mixture of both all-terrain tires and mud tires, offering on-road and off-road performance. 

Though hybrid tires are a good option for all types of traveling, do not last as long and may tear quicker. All-terrains on the other hand have a longer life. Hybrid tires have a medium tread material that is not as soft as mud tires or as stiff as an aggressive all-terrain tire

What’s More about Hybrid Tires?

Hybrid tires are still pretty new in the market. As they are more advanced, they require more maintenance. For these tires, it is a must to do proper maintenance to make them longer lasting. Below are some basic tips that will help you in increasing the life of your hybrid tires. 

Properly Inflated Tire

Make sure your tire is properly inflated. Over inflation or under inflation can cause your tires to wear out quickly. 

Proper Wheel Alignment 

It is important to keep your car properly aligned. If your car is not properly aligned it will cause tires to wear down unevenly. Be sure to get a wheel alignment done after every few months. 

Rotate Your Tires Regularly

It is significant to rotate your tires regularly as it helps them wear evenly and increases their life. Doing this every six months can help you significantly. 

Check Tread Depth 

Make sure to check your tire tread depth every month at least once or twice. If you observe that it falls below the legal limit, replace your tires as soon as possible. 

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, mud tires are the best choice for off-roading purposes while all-terrains tires are an ideal fit for on-road commutes and can take them on trails occasionally. Hybrid tires are best for going on both on- and off-road equal amounts.